What If I told you can hire a senior software developer with over 10 years experience for the price of a junior developer? 

- Without outsourcing to India

- Deal with someone in EST located in Canada
- No need to spend time interviewing

- No agency fees, no corporate politics

We specialize in Ruby on Rails. Personally have over 10 years of Ruby experience, we can deliver value very quickly. 

Extensive Object-Oriented design and coding experience – 10 years

8 years in a high-growth environment

8 years Ruby on Rails

8 years MySQL/PG

6 years experience building new features from scratch
6 years Agile/Scrum methodology
6 years Sidekiq
4 years experience with data structures and algorithms
3 years experience supporting other engineers and acting as the Technical Lead 3 years GraphQL

2 years JavaScript/React/AWS
1 years Redux, 0.5 months React Native
Experience working for smaller start-up companies


product Ruby projects






Worked at a top Ruby agency, working with over 25 different codebases. Some big tech, and a few start ups. Had many ups and down throughout my career. 

Ruby on Rails

Ruby, Rails, RSpec, TDD, GitHub, Amazon Web Services, HAML, RABL, SASS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, slim, JavaScript, Angular, Heroku, Cloud66, Agile processes and methodology


React / Redux


Scaling massive databases


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Self taught developer hungry to learn and solve complicated problems. 

Don't wait

Avaialble space for new contracts is extremely limited. 

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